Sunday, August 30, 2009

oh oh. here we go again

It looks like we're going to do it again. Yes, the Grand Canyon in October. I want to do it, but I am always so scared. Someone died there again last month - yup, dehydration. I'd better reserve a motel room before I talk myself out of it again.
Oh ya, anyone else that wants to come with me needs to start training NOW!
please rsvp - and Marcus and Annyse - I hope you enjoyed Mt. Whitney. Fitting, Marcus, that you would hike the mountain named after your sister.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Before teenagers:

I woke up slightly after my kids did.Disoriented. tired. reactive. I felt like a train was chasing me.

After teenagers:

I wake up an hour before anyone else. It is my golden time. Grateful. energized. proactive. I put my armor on for the battle

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jared and Sara Thomas
June 27th, 2009

Jared called me on Monday, June 22nd, and said, "I have good news! Sara and I are getting married on Saturday, and we were wondering if we could do it there (meaning at our house) ."

Immediately, my mind wandered back to when Aunt Daisy died.

We went into Uncle Don's house to clean it up. Horrors. I can still remember the stench of wild cats permeating the home. I remember the cobweb-laden dart stuck in the kitchen cabinet. (how long has it been there?).
The scales came off my eyes, and I looked around at my messy house that I didn't have time to clean, and I repented for judging Uncle Don.
We had a wonderful, if hectic, time. My baseboards are still not on, the roof is still leaking, the showers are mold-laden, and the garage is packed.
- BUT-
Some of the rooms smell fresh, the backyard looked beautiful, the pool is filled with water that is clear, our family was going camping in Oceanside in 2 days.
We witnessed A milestone in Jared and Sara's life. And tomorrow I will attack the mold, and try to learn to love Uncle Don without judging.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hiking With the North Family

I was ready for a 4 mile hike. Marcus told me it was a good hike and not too long. Fossil Springs by Strawberry, AZ is an 8-mile hike. On the way back out, it is mostly uphill. Emily and Grace her friend were done about 2 miles on the way out. Andy North and I developed a little game. Here are the rules;

Run Uphill

If you are going uphill;

  • Pick a prominent landmark about 50 feet ahead of you.

  • Run uphill to the landmark.

  • Chant "GO, GO, GO!" until you run out of breath.

  • Turn around, but don't sit down.

  • Look at the view, celebrate your progress, and wait for the rest of the group to catch up with you.

  • Evaluate the next 50 feet. Repeat if you are still going uphill.

If you are going straight;

  • walk with the group until you approach the next hill (see directions for going uphill).

  • Play "The Minister's Cat" from the movie 'Scrooge,' until one of the group gets irritated, or you arrive at the next hill.

The kids beat me out of the canyon.

Optional rules for the recession;

I didn't intend to hike this mountain, and there is no way out of this without climbing out of the canyon I am in. I am tired of sitting on this rock, paralysed.

Run Uphill

  • Develop a plan of action based on the principles of preparedness. Take your plan to the Lord every morning in prayer.

  • Tackle 50 feet of the most urgent part of your plan with speed and vigor. That means only run one day at a time. Work hard and remind yourself to Go! Go! Go!

  • Don't go to bed without celebrating the progress of the day, and express your gratitude to Heavenly Father. Ways to celebrate - pray, read your scriptures, serve someone else, taking care of your body's needs by exercising, eating well and drinking enough water.

  • Don't try to keep up in any way with any other hiker. Don't look too far uphill.

When it is time to hike a straight road again, I will have awesome spiritual and emotional muscles. I will come out of this experience with a greater capacity to love and be grateful.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new pictures are coming from the Wagners!
Vanessa's new broth....uh... boyfriend

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bethany and Gailynn

We have added a new member into our home! Gailynn Richardson BARR :) A few months ago Bethany invited her to come stay at our home. They are joined at the hip and enjoy each others company most of the time. They have their arguments! But who doesn't?? Last week, Bethany moved into her original room. Gailynn was so excited to decorate her very own room. As of last week, Gailynn got a bed! She slept on the floor for months hahaha! It was a weird transition to add another teenager into the home, but it's been a great exsperience. Bethany and Gailynn do silly, random things that sometimes don't make sense. They are always having random ideas to do together with their friends. Here are some facts about each girl:
Bethany- She is now 16 years of age. Her birthday is in June and she is turning 17 this summer. She plays soccer but she loves all sports. She loves listening to her music. She played the bass for 10 years but currently does not play. She is very hyper, outgoing, and loves to make people feel comfortable and happy.
Gailynn- She is currently 16 years old and her birthday is October 23rd. She has a very engergetic personality. she is a good decorater, cute, and crafty. upbeat outlook on life, unless you ask her about her family. She randomly sings when it's quiet! she is kind to everybody. She doesn't play any sports and she dreads getting up each morning. "uh i hate this! I hate waking up!" (thats her saying every morning... it's especially funny when you add the "grrrr" sound effects).

Final Update to Guatamala

The government got their way. The orphanage was closed. Every child over 10 is now on the street, the younger ones were sent to foster homes.

I am haunted.......
My sister Janice sent me this picture of the Salt Lake Temple. It reminds me than even when times are hard, I can find direction and peace by looking to Jesus Christ.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Santiago, Guatamala and the Value of a Quarter

A little boy kept asking for money from Dr. Dean. He had some quarters in his pocket to give to the children. One little boy was very disappointed when Dr. Dean gave him his quarter.

"Quetzales!" the little boy plead.

Dr. Dean kept trying to explain to the boy how much more valuable a quarter was than a quetzal.
"Give him a quetzal," I told him - so he did. The little boy excitedly ran off to the corner store.

I wonder sometimes if I too am guilty of trading "down" when I don't see the value of the gifts and experiences I am given from Heavenly Father.